Past Blasts.

Show archives with Captain Jack Harris. All recordings contain news and advertisements from the time of recording for historical purposes.

Setting the record straight about the women, and intention of the “Let women speak” event in March of 2023 in Auckland New Zealand.

Links for reference to this Interview are listed below.

Mana Wāhine Kōrero & Women’s Action Group Australia links:

Rex Landy

MWK Substack

MWK YouTube

MWK Twitter/X

MWK Buy Me a Coffee

Women’s Action Group Australia

Following on I have added in key links for people to follow for more general information and advice, and more can be found on our Substack, which I have linked above – we have a handy longer list there of NZ orgs that are trying to push back. 

In no particular order:

Women’s Rights Party NZ

Let Kids Be Kids NZ

Speak Up For Women

LGB Alliance Aotearoa NZ

Save Women’s Sports NZ (Australasia)

Lesbian Resistance NZ

Resist Gender Education NZ

Family First NZ (Faith-based) 

Rex Landy, Terf Jester NZ (Not Safe For Work) 

Our Duty NZ (New parents support etwork for children who are identifying as ‘transgender’)

Finally the last set of links is for articles and information like:

– Di’s incredible article on what is going on with her sister and New World(

Foodstuffs), @AuntyHeihei and the harm being done to Māori from Wokery

Corina Shields @AuntyHeihei on the targeted abuse she and Di’s two sisters are enduring 

– My article specifically on Di’s sister and and New World/Foodstuffs

Midwifery Council links, radio interviews, videos, petitions and articles

MWK 2022 Absolute Objection

Sarah Henderson 2023 Objection

Deb Hayes petition

Sarah Henderson via Women’s Declaration Australia on The Midwifery Council

Di Landy and Katrina Biggs on the language of Midwifery from a wahine Māori perspective

Deb Hayes, Midwife, on Reality Check Radio talking about the issues with the Midwifery Council

Sarah Henderson on Reality Check Radio on language and the midwifery council


NZ Journalist Yvonne Van Dongen article on the charity industrial complex – follow the money

Rachel Stewart, Award Winning NZ journalist, hounded, castigated and forced to pay thousands of dollars to get her farm guns back

Catrina McGregor Petition for women suffering without help in NZ.

Stuart Parker article on Wokeism in the Anglosphere, essential reading for every Nzer.

‘Stone the Crone’, Australian Women’s Rights campaigner, so supportive to women everywhere but especially in Australia and New Zealand. (Not safe for work)

Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, British Women’s Rights Campaigner

Mr Menno (International) thoughtful, inspiring, encouraging and dedicated opposer of Wokery especially where it affects women and gay and lesbian rights and children’s protections. Understands mental health better than most.

EDI Jester, Barry Wall, British teacher, runs the Warrior Teacher programme globally, teaching adults how to teach others to fight back, peaceably.