Past Blasts.

Show archives with Captain Jack Harris. All recordings contain news and advertisements from the time of recording for historical purposes.

In a recent episode of “The Underground Daily,” host Jack Harris engaged in a thought-provoking interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, delving into a range of controversial topics. Dr. McCullough presented new evidence suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccine has led to significant harm and numerous deaths worldwide. The discussion underscored the potential risks associated with the vaccine, challenging the mainstream narrative on its safety and efficacy.

Later in the broadcast, the conversation took a geopolitical turn as Dr. McCullough shared his insights on global issues, including the concept of fake emergencies and the current state of global turmoil. He offered a unique perspective on these matters, drawing from his extensive medical background and his observations of global trends.

This episode of “The Underground Daily” not only provided a platform for Dr. McCullough’s views but also demonstrated the show’s commitment to exploring diverse perspectives and challenging conventional wisdom. This is an interview you do not want to miss.