Past Blasts.

Show archives with Captain Jack Harris. All recordings contain news and advertisements from the time of recording for historical purposes.


Jack extends a warm welcome to Jane Morgan from “The Dinner Club Cookbook” in Hawks Bay. In the aftermath of the devastating events caused by Cyclone Gabriella, which brought death and destruction to many in Hawks Bay, Jane played a pivotal role. Throughout the cleanup and recovery efforts, she orchestrated “The Dinner Club,” cooking for up to 50 people each night. This initiative not only provided hearty, home-cooked meals but also offered a haven for individuals to find refuge, forge connections, and gather strength.

In this episode, we are also joined by Daniel Starr, as he shares the news that all charges related to his arrest for counter-protesting in support of Israel have been dropped by Crown Law. We delve into the events leading up to his arrest and explore the motivations behind his actions.