Residents in the South Bronx express their frustration with the state of the nation under President Biden ahead of Donald Trump’s visit this evening. They stated their admiration for Trump, describing him as a champion for the “little man” and appreciating his respect for the Bronx through his visit.

“Senior citizens cannot walk down the street. Our children are being killed. When you go to a grocery store, you can’t even buy anything anymore,” said Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., president of New York’s Hispanic Clergy Association. “I’m a Democrat. All my life, I’ve been a Democrat, but Democrats have used us and abused us; they think that they own us. Donald Trump is giving us an opportunity.”

Another resident noted the significance of Trump’s visit to the Bronx, a Democratic stronghold, highlighting the respect it shows for the community. One voter said Republicans should recognize that not all registered Democrats vote for Democratic candidates, sharing, “I happen to be one of those Democrats that hasn’t voted Democrat since the age of Ronald Reagan.”

In a significant move against the Democrats, former President Trump will host a campaign rally in the Bronx on Thursday, aiming to flip the Empire State red this November—a scenario unimaginable in 2021 when he left the White House. The rally, announced by Trump’s campaign on Friday night, will take place at 6 p.m. in Crotona Park, a 127-acre public park near Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district. The New York Post reports that the campaign has a permit for 3,500 attendees. This follows a record-breaking Trump rally that drew up to 100,000 supporters in Democratic stronghold New Jersey last week.

“Everyone needs help. People need housing. Instead of giving migrants and everybody that’s coming from other countries help, we’re here. We’re Americans. Give us some help,” said one resident, predicting Trump will be welcomed with “open arms.” Another expressed gratitude, saying he would thank Trump for his actions as president if given the chance.

Another resident predicted mixed reactions to Trump’s visit but felt he was a better option than re-electing Biden. “The Bronx has been through many changes; everything was getting back on track, and now everything is falling apart again,” the resident said, advising Trump to outline his plans for all Americans. “When America succeeds, we all succeed.”

“Black people and Hispanic people are very happy about him coming here, and they want to see the options and Democrats step their game up. Republicans have an opportunity here that they can’t let go,” said another resident.