The Lies of ‘Misinformation.’

In March 2022, a piece surfaced on ‘’ titled “Alt-Right conspiracy theorists repeating the Kremlin’s propaganda in Aotearoa.” While aiming for insight, information, and exposure, the article takes an unexpected comical turn infused with notable hypocrisy. The author, Joe Trinder, directs strong criticism towards Chantelle Baker and Damien Dement, accusing them of furthering Communist agendas […]

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The Border Invasion Exposed.

To get the truth about this, visit : President Joe Biden finds himself in a challenging political dilemma due to the recent surge of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. Even Democratic leaders at the state and local levels, who should be his allies in the upcoming presidential election, are harshly criticizing his immigration handling. Meanwhile, […]

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European Union Digital Commissioner Probes Elon Musk in Unprecedented Investigation.

In a surprising turn of events, the Digital Commissioner of the European Union has launched a comprehensive investigation into Elon Musk and (X), causing waves across online communities. Concerns are mounting over potential violations of free speech principles, as evidence points to a possible collaboration between the EU and individuals in the US government. The […]

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[OPINION] The Neo-Racism of Aotearoa

I’m old enough to remember when the definition of racism was essentially “negative things that are directly related to a race of people”. Anyone could face racism, and anyone could be racist. I’m also old enough to remember when we didn’t treat people differently because of their skin colour. The recent victory of the National/ACT/NZ […]

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