The Underground Media Network is thrilled to announce the commencement of Phase Two in our journey to revolutionize media in New Zealand. Our recent strides in integrating live platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Facebook into our studio setup have been nothing short of phenomenal. These advancements have allowed us to deliver seamless, high-quality content to our growing audience, enhancing our reach and engagement.

One of the key figures driving our success is Jill Marjeta. Jill’s dedication to covering stories from around the globe for our website is unparalleled. Her tireless work behind the scenes ensures that our audience receives accurate, timely, and compelling news. Jill’s commitment to journalistic excellence is a cornerstone of our operations, and we are immensely proud of her contributions.

In an exciting development, we have secured approval to air segments from The Babylon Bee. Known for their sharp wit and satirical edge, The Babylon Bee will inject a fresh and entertaining perspective into our programming. Viewers and listeners can look forward to this new addition in our break points over the coming weeks.

We are also delighted to welcome Simon Anderson to our team. Simon is an incredibly talented and intelligent journalist who will be joining us as a content contributor and commentator. His expertise will be prominently featured during Captain Jack’s show, where he will discuss a variety of subjects. Simon’s exceptional ability to capture live moments in New Zealand brings vital information and insights to our network, enriching our news coverage. We have had the pleasure of working with Simon over the past months, and his insight, hard work and dedication to his journalistic profession is admirable. You can find out more about Simon and read all of his amazing articles at his substack. and more here.

Our vision extends beyond delivering great content; we aim to empower other content creators. We have developed a comprehensive backend platform, offering access to our resources, broadcast elements, and hardware. This initiative allows creators to join the Underground Media Network and leverage our infrastructure to amplify their work.

In the near future, we are excited to announce that we will be simulcasting live on terrestrial FM radio across central Auckland. Whether you’re producing video broadcasts or audio podcasts, the Underground Media Network is committed to putting your shows in rotation to reach a larger audience.

As we navigate the early stages of our development, we recognize the importance of community and collaboration. We are actively seeking interns and volunteers who are passionate about media and eager to contribute to our mission. Together, we can transform the media landscape in New Zealand.

Join us at the Underground Media Network, where innovation meets opportunity, and let’s build a better media future together.