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President Joe Biden finds himself in a challenging political dilemma due to the recent surge of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. Even Democratic leaders at the state and local levels, who should be his allies in the upcoming presidential election, are harshly criticizing his immigration handling. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the leading 2024 opponent, is intensifying attacks on this long-standing issue in his political message. Public support for Biden’s approach is diminishing.

Despite the election being less than a year away, the escalating immigration crisis, exacerbated by Republican governors redirecting migrants to Democratic cities, could significantly impact Biden’s popularity and re-election chances.

Disturbing statistics reveal that in September alone, approximately 510,000 undocumented migrants were apprehended by the US Border Patrol, marking the highest monthly total of the year. This surge challenges the administration’s belief that the border crisis was subsiding after policy changes earlier in the year.

The composition of the migrant surge, particularly with a quarter being citizens of Venezuela, points to ongoing challenges. The Venezuelan exodus, driven by political and economic hardships under Nicolas Maduro’s socialist dictatorship, has created a hemispheric refugee crisis affecting US soil.

Recent measures announced by the Biden administration, including environmental waivers and funds for additional border wall sections, have drawn criticism from both immigration hard-liners and left-wing activists. The decision to resume direct deportations of Venezuelan citizens further complicates the situation, leading to mixed reactions.

Public opinion, as indicated by recent polls, is turning against President Biden on immigration, with a majority preferring Trump’s approach. This polarization reflects the intense nature of the immigration issue, shaped by Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

Just like Barack Obama, who faced extinsive blowback from liberal activists on immigration, Biden encounters challenges satisfying both sides of the political spectrum. The current partisan political trench warfare hinders his flexibility in dealing with the crisis.

Polling data suggests that the public acknowleges Republicans as better at handling immigration than Democrats, a shift from the Trump presidency. The continuous flow of alarming news from the border and the strain on public services in cities housing migrants impact public opinion negatively.

The failures of Biden’s new policies will ultimately determine the significance of the criticism he faces this week. Solving the immigration crisis requires diplomatic outreach, investment in other countries to reduce migration incentives, and robust border security, according to former Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano. If these efforts prove unsuccessful, Biden’s path to re-election becomes increasingly perilous.