I’m here thinking of the unsettling events that transpired at the Big Gay Out, an event that was meant to be a celebration of music, unity, and joy but instead turned into a scene of chaos and violence.

As we analyze the shocking incidents that unfolded, it raises profound questions about societal norms and the threshold for tolerating abnormal, antisocial, and dangerous behavior within our communities. And come to honesty about elements inside the Trans community.

The Big Gay Out, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse crowd, became the epicenter of a disturbing episode. Mobs of individuals, seemingly overcome by a collective madness, engaged in violent and irrational acts. This prompts us to ponder: How have we reached a point where such behavior can manifest in what was meant to be a space of camaraderie and shared enjoyment? How are we as a civil society meant to stand by, and just allow Trans people to attack women, Politicians, or do nothing while they attack possible visitors to New Zealand before they even enter the border? They go after private business owners that host venues for speaking. It is reminiscent to the brown shirts of the 1940’S in Germany, shouting down any voice that did not agree with their ideology. Using intimidation and violence to silence the opposition.

One must question the factors contributing to this descent into chaos we have allowed ourselves to go into. We as a nation have to admit this is not an isolated incident, and that it does highlight deeper societal issues simmering beneath the surface. Are there underlying tensions and frustrations that, under certain circumstances, can erupt into destructive behavior on a larger scale? And always dose so on topics the Trans Community see as not accepting to them. Even if it is filled with rational thinking and truth.

The safety of VIPs or politicians, including prominent figures and performers, and independent journalist should became priority for security teams as they faced the challenge of quelling the mob and restoring order. This leads us to ask: What measures can event organizers and society as a whole take to prevent such occurrences in the future? Is there a need for enhanced security protocols, increased awareness, or perhaps a reassessment of how large-scale events are organized and managed?

The aftermath of the Big Gay Out leaves us contemplating our collective responsibility. How can we, as a society, address and mitigate the potential for such aberrant behavior? There is a need for increased mental health awareness and support, when it comes to the Trans community and people suffering from gender dysphoria. Does the root of the issue lie in a broader societal disconnect that needs addressing?

To sum up, the incidents at the Big Gay Out underscore that our festive occasions and communal areas are susceptible to the less favorable aspects of human conduct. In contemplating this occurrence, it’s crucial to explore societal measures that can be implemented to guarantee that upcoming events continue to be occasions marked by happiness and solidarity, steering clear of a descent into disorder and violence by the unhinged youth inside the LGBTQ+ “Communities”